Field Events 2019


In January, a team of 6 led by Rev. Isaac Quan (Executive Director for CIM Canada) and Rev. Sunny Tse (Executive Director for CIM Australia) traveled to Togo and Ghana for a mission trip.  In Togo, they were joined by Pastor Matthieu Ayena (Togo Ministry Director).  During their stay in Togo, the team went to various villages to evangelize. The ladies conducted a women’s workshop while Pastor Isaac and Pastor Sunny led workshops with the pastor of Atakpame.

In Ghana, the team traveled to Salaga and Yeji to work with the local ECG church pastors and share the gospel in villages nearby.  The team also attended the ECG general overseer handing over ceremony from Rev. Daniel Gbande to Rev. KK Maxwell Liwangol.


In April, a team of three comprised of Rev. Isaac Quan (Executive Director of CIM Canada), Tomson Chan (CIM Canada Board of Director) and his wife Lisa Chan traveled to Ukraine to meet and train with local Roma leaders.  They also did some planning for the upcoming June STM team, which will be traveling to the Ukraine to help run a Roma youth camp. The team then travelled to Serbia to visit different Roma settlements and explored the possibility of future Roma ministry opportunities.  The team learned a lot about the Roma culture and the uniqueness of each settlement.  They were encouraged to see how the Lord has been working amongst the Romas and are looking forward to following the Lord’s guidance and direction for CIM to work amongst this people group.


In June, a team of 6 from Burnaby Pacific Grace Church from Vancouver, Canada and Rev. Isaac Quan travelled to Ukraine to visit different Roma settlements and help run a camp for the Roma youth. It was a wonderful trip as relationships were built and commitments were made for the Lord at the camp. This was the first time a team from this church has gone on STM to the Romas.


In August, a team of 3 from three different churches in Montreal took a STM trip to Togo, led by Pastor Matthieu Ayena (Director of Togo Ministries). The team ran workshops for the local church’s leadership and women, teaching on Christian topics such as stewarding finances. The STM’s pastor also did biblical teaching with the leaders and church planters. The members were all very talented musicians who used their gifting to lead worship, as well as teach and train some of the local church youth to play the guitar and keyboard. The team’s Pastor, who had recently lost his son before this trip, had the opportunity to preach to the local church and helped their grieving of the loss of Jean Desire, the local Pastor responsible for the church’s radio ministry. The team also participated in other activities organized by the church, such as community and church planting site visitation and evangelization.