Field Events 2017


Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) visited Atakpame, Madjanmakou, Klala, Maromi, Akpekpedi, Campement and Lome in Togo for a month in January and February. During this trip, he conducted leadership training for local church leaders and church planters on biblical counseling, as well as visitation to church planting sites, home visitation/evangelism with local church leaders and radio evangelism.


A team of 5 from Sydney, Australia, led by Rev. Isaac Quan (Executive Director) travelled to Ghana in January for a STM. It was their first trip to this West African nation for all of the team members. In Ghana, the team travelled to Kpandai, Tamale, Yapei, Gono, Yeji, and Kintampo. Other than visiting new church plants in Yapei and Gono, the team also visited Yeji, where an Australian church is supporting the local church planter. The team shared their testimonies, presented the gospel message, and prayed over villagers. It was a wonderful experience for all went, not only to do cross cultural ministries, but also to see our Lord at work.


A team of 6 from Burnaby Pacific Grace MB Church in Burnaby, British Columbia, led by Rev. Isaac Quan travelled to Ghana for a STM in May. Other than visiting some pastors in the Tamale area, their main focus was to visit and bring encouragement to the pastor that their church supports in the remote villages north of Gushegu, in northeast Ghana. By God’s grace, they were able to visit 15 of the 17 preaching points of this pastor. The team brought greetings, shared their testimonies, and prayed over the villagers. For two team members, it was their first time in Ghana and it was definitely an eye-opening experience. For the others, who had visited 4 years previous, it was wonderful to meet up with their supported pastor again.


A team of 7 including Rev. Isaac Quan, and BOD Rev. Xavier Law and Rev. Kenny Wong travelled to Hungary and Ukraine for an exploratory trip to the Roma people group. The team was able to visit 5 Roma settlements in Ukraine and also visit a missionary family in Hungary. CIM is now seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction for the next steps in our Roma ministry. It was an eye-opening trip and each team member was touched by what they saw.


A team of 8, led by Rev. Isaac Quan and BOD Pastor Doug Wong, from Lord’s Love Church in Vancouver BC, traveled to Ghana for a STM trip. The main purpose was to evangelize in the Zabrama area in Central Ghana with the local ECG pastor whom the Lord’s Love Church supports. The team was able to visit a number of villages in the area where they shared the gospel and visited villagers. The team also traveled to Kpandai where they shared their stories on the radio station ASASE FM. For 5 members of the team, it was their first trip to Africa.


Pastor Matthieu traveled to Togo to attend the EGCT annual retreat. In Atakpame, he spent time with recent graduates of the church planters’ training school. It was very encouraging for him to see these young pastors serve the Lord, with many of them without pay. In the capital city of Lome, Pastor Matthieu was able to preach at a church that is seeking the Lord’s guidance in joining EGCT. For the last week of his stay in Togo, Pastor Matthieu spent time with a STM team from Bethel Chinese Christian MB Church from Vancouver.


A team of 9, led by Rev. Isaac Quan, comprised mainly of members from Bethel Chinese Christian MB Church in Vancouver, Canada traveled to Ghana and Togo for a STM.
In Ghana, the team visited Nkwanta and Tinjase for ministry. The team visited local villages to do evangelism. The local ECG pastor for Tinjase is the pastor that the Bethel Church supports financially so it was good for the team to spend time with him. Another member of the team traveled to Yeji as a special consultant to check the progress of the construction of the Yeji mission house.
In Togo, the team, joined by Pastor Matthieu Ayena, conducted workshops for the youth and pastoral leadership in Atakapame, evangelized in local villages, shared the gospel on the radio, and also preached at a Sunday worship in Lome.


A team of 4 led by Siu Lui Ho (CIM BOD) from Hallelujah Chinese EFC in Toronto went to Ghana for a STM. The team visited Kpandai, Bimbilla, Yeji, and Yapei. Other than Siu Lui Ho, it was the first trip to Ghana for the rest of the team. It was an eye-opening experience.