Field Events 2016


Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) visited Togo for a month in April. During this trip, he helped organize and attended EGCT (local church group)’s church planters graduation ceremony in Atakpame. As usual like every time he visited the country, he led Bible study and training with the local brothers and sisters. He also visited homes/churches/villages/people in need, preached at churches, did evangelism and radio evangelical broadcasting in Lome, Atakpame, Akpekpedi and Klala.


A team of 4 brothers and sisters (from Vancouver and Calgary) led by Rev. Isaac Quan (Executive Director) spent two weeks in Ghana for a STM in May. In Ghana, they were joined by a brother in Hong Kong and also a local African whom CIM met in 2007 as a teenager. The team shared the gospel in the Kpandai, Bimbilla, Tinjase, and Nkwanta areas of Ghana. They even crossed the border to Togo to witness to border villages. Two members on the team are from the supporting church for the Bimbilla church planter while another member is from the supporting church for the Tinjase church planter. It was great to see how the Lord bonded this team with members from all over the world but more importantly to see the gospel spread and people coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord.


A team of 7 from South Calgary Chinese Evangelical Free Church, led by Rev. Isaac Quan (Executive Director) and Rev. Kenny Wong (CIM Canada Board Member) traveled to Ghana from June 27-July 11. This was a Cantonese speaking team and most of the members were over 60 years old. It was very encouraging to see people of this age commit to a STM of this nature. In Ghana, the team traveled to Kpandai, Wa, and Kintampo. They presented the gospel message in Sunday services, visited a number of village schools where they were able to interact with many children and were able to observe the end of Ramadan in Wa amongst Muslims. Though the time was short in Wa, this team definitely saw the need to evangelize to the Muslims of this area. It was the first time in Africa for four members of the team and it was great to see how the Lord stretched them on the mission field and how each team member responded.


A team of three ladies from two different churches in Montreal took a STM trip with Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) to Togo in August. There, the team was involved in the training of EGCT youth, the Togo church’s youth on how to make disciples for Christ. This was to prepare them to participate in the expansion of the Lord’s Kingdom in their communities, alongside their pastors/leaders. Therefore, they were the ones who got to lead this time’s home visitation and evangelism, with only basic support from the visiting team. The same way, the women were trained on how to exemplify Christ and His truth to their own children and to have their home shine for their community to see. Pastor Matthieu also continued the training which he began with the church planters on his last trip. It was an apologetic course about the many false teachers and doctrines that they are surrounded by nowadays and to teach them how to defend their faith in the face of them.