Field Events 2015


Six brothers and sisters from three cities (Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto) went to Tamale, Kpandai, Bimbilla, Yeji, Tinjase, Nkwanta and Kue (in Ghana) as well as Atakpame, Akpekpedi and Anie (in Togo). This STM team, led by Rev. Isaac Quan (Ghana Ministry Director), was composed of CIM staff and directors. The team visited village schools, conducted workshops with teachers, visited local communities, church planters and missionaries, sharing and encouraging each others as well as discussing and reviewing ministry works and progress with local leaderships in Ghana and Togo. The team met up with Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) to visit various ministries and communities in Togo.


Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) visited Togo for a month from mid-January to mid-February. During this trip, he led the CIM STM team to visit various communities and ministries in Atakpame, Akpekpedi and Anie in Togo in January. He also continued to visit more homes, churches, church planting sites and do evangelism, teaching, training during this trip.


A team of four brothers and sisters from Pacific Grace MB Church from Vancouver led by Rev. Xavier Law went on a STM trip to Ghana in May. Though the team only had four members, it was a fruitful trip. They visited a church plant and a village school in the Torope area, close to Tamale, spent time in Bimbilla where they visited a village school that CIM Canada supports and also spent a few days in a town in northwest Ghana visiting and helping a missionary couple in that area. The team members not only blessed those that they came into contact with but were also blessed by the locals. We pray that the message of salvation through Jesus Christ will have lasting impact to the people they came into contact with and beyond.


A team of eight brothers and sisters (from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto) led by Rev. Isaac Quan (Ghana Ministry Director) spent over two weeks in Ghana for a STM. They conducted workshops with the ECG village school teachers in Mbonwura and Subrini to follow up the work of the team that went in January. The main thrust of this STM trip was to return to the Zabrama area, where a STM team in 2013 helped plant a church in the village of Cherembo. Upon return to this area, they found that the villagers are still very open to the gospel. In CIM’s first visit to the village of Krobo, many committed their lives to the Lord, including the chief. As a result, foundations for an ECG church plant was established.

Three of the members of this team are from the Lord’s Love Church in Vancouver which is supporting the local church planter in this area so it was exciting for them to meet. All in all, it was a very exciting and fruitful trip.


Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) visited Togo for a month again in August. This time, though he conducted leadership training, church planting site visitation and evangelism with local brothers there as usual, this trip was essentially to honour the invitation from our Togo partner Church, EGCT, for Pastor Matthieu to speak at their annual conference. Everything went well, and Pastor Matthieu thanked God for the grace He gave to him to speak on the topic the church wanted and to build brothers and sisters’ faith up and mobilize the attendees to continue to commit themselves wholly to the service of God.


A team of five brothers and sisters from Montreal led by Pastor Matthieu (Togo Ministry Director) went on a STM trip to Togo in November. The team led different leadership training – training for church planters who are going to graduate soon in April 2016; training for the leaders on how to use a bible software for bible study and teaching’s preparation; and also training for youth and women of the church. The team also joined the local brothers to visit the church’s different church plant sites and spread the good news. Soccer games between the church youth and their fellow non Christian youth in their community were also organized with the goal to create opportunities for the church youth and their leaders to witness for Christ.


A team of six brothers (from Vancouver, Toronto and Hong Kong) led by Rev. Philip Leung (Executive Director) launched a 14 days STM trip to Ghana in November. This team comprised 2 businessmen, 2 finance professionals and 2 pastors. With the exception of one, the rest were in their late fifties or older in age. The formation of such a team, other than widening the horizon as they saw how God is working around the world, was to prove that people of mature age can and should participate in missions work though what they would do is different from those who are younger and more energetic.

The trip took the team to visit 5 different cities and towns in Ghana. With the exception of the Capital city, all other places were located in the northern rural areas of the country. The following were the activities the team had conducted during the trip: Visiting local Ghanaian churches; Visiting Ghanaian villages; Visiting missionaries in the field; Visiting the village schools and water projects CIM is sponsoring. One of the highlights of the trip is seeing the social ministries CIM is doing in Ghana. Obviously, education and water are the most needed social elements in people’s life. CIM is contributing to provide resources to help meet the needs in those areas. The team was impressed as they witnessed the holistic nature of our ministry in Africa.