Field Events 2012

Pastor Matthieu Ayena, our Togo Ministry Director, stayed in Togo for a month in this trip. He preached, did home visitations/evangelism, conducted radio programs and conducted trainings to church leaders in Lome, Atakpame and Anie in Togo.

This STM team, led by Rev. Philip Leung, consisted of 6 brothers and sisters from different churches in Vancouver. The team visited Kpandai, Bimbilla, Tamale, Atebubu and Accra in Ghana. Rev. Leung conducted a 4-days seminar on leadership for the local pastors. Mr. Dominic Leung, one of our directors, helped the local church to set up an accounting system and conducted accounting workshops for the local church treasurers. The team visited a Christian school and demonstrated teaching to their classes. They also visited a few village schools and shared with the teachers, students and parents. In addition, the team got to share evangelistic messages and Christian faith to the local youths, adults and children, with some of whom are Moslems, in different settings.

This STM team, led by Mr. Donald Wong, consisted of 6 brothers and sisters from Vancouver Chinese Lutheran Church. The team visited Kpandai, Bimbilla, Gushegu, Macjare, Salaga and Yeji in Ghana. Rev. Richard Hung preached and shared with local brothers and sisters in different gatherings. The team had opportunities to greet people on the street in a few Moslem-dominated towns and share their testimonies and Christian faith with the local people. They had also visited village schools in Subrini and Yeji, and shared with the village school students. In addition, the team shared the gospel in some rural villages and encouraged local church planters in various church planting locations. They also did house to house visitations and evangelism in the remote villages.

This STM team of 12 brothers and sisters from Beijing was led by Pastor Matthieu Ayena, our Togo Ministry Director. The team visited Kpandai and Salaga in Ghana during this trip. They visited and shared with classes in local schools, conducted various activities for local students, did village visitations and shared in local churches and Sunday Schools. They met hundreds of local kids/youths, played sports and shared Christian messages with them. They held an evangelistic meeting and shared testimonies to non-believers in a Moslem-dominated town with good responses.

This STM team consisted of 3 brothers and sisters from Vancouver and Toronto. The team visited all 6 village school locations in Ghana which CIM is supporting and partnering with the local church. Mrs. Anna Siu, our Village School Coordinator, got a chance to meet and talk to most of the village school teachers and learn how each school is running and doing so as to plan further for running the Village School Project more effectively. The team had opportunities to observe classes and share Christian faith with the students, teachers and parents in these 6 village schools.

The purpose of this trip was for CIM to visit all of our church plants and village school locations to interview the church planters and teachers to see the progress of our work in Ghana. Rev. Isaac Quan, Mrs. Anna Siu and Mrs. Linda Chan went on behalf of CIM Canada and Australia.