Field Events 2011

A pastor from Singapore (STM trip of 2 weeks), a brother and a sister from Vancouver (STM trip of 6 weeks) went to Kpandai, Ghana. The pastor taught in the Bible School while the other two taught in a local Christian School to elementary and junior high classes on Math, Science, etc.

Pastor Philip Leung (Executive Director) went to Atebubu, Yeji, Salaga, Tamale, Bimbilla, Gushegu, Gmacjare and Kpandai, Ghana for 2 weeks. Visited various church planting sites and village school locations.

A pastor with 7 brothers/sisters from Vancouver went to Kpandai, Gushegu, Gmacjare and Bimbilla in Ghana for a STM trip of 3 weeks. The team visited and shared testimonies at local schools, village school locations, open meetings, local churches and house-to-house visitations. They also conducted a workshop to train youths and youth leaders of the local church in Kpandai.

This STM team, comprised of brothers and sisters from Calgary, was led by Rev. Isaac Quan. This team went to Atebubu, Yeji, Kpandai, Gushegu, Gmacjare, Bimbilla, Salaga and other villages. They visited and shared at local schools, village schools, local churches and villages. Two team members stayed over a month to serve in the village school ministry in Wbonwura/Bassakura.

This STM team comprised of 4 brothers and sisters from Toronto. The team went to Kumasi, Atebubu, Yeji, Nkanpala/Tamale, Gushegu, Bimbilla, Kpandai, Accra in Ghana as well as Atakpame in Togo. They visited village schools and hospitals, conducted workshops on physiotherapy in both Ghana and Togo.

This STM team, led by Rev. Philip Leung, comprised of 6 brothers and sisters from Vancouver and Toronto. The team travelled to Kpandai, Yeji, Atebubu in Ghana and Atakpame in Togo. They visited local churches, homes and village schools, worshipped and shared testimonies with local children, youths and adults.

This STM team, led by Pastor Matthieu Ayena and comprised of 3 sisters from Montreal, travelled to Atakpame, Kpalime and Anie in Togo. The team visited local churches and homes, shared Gospel message and personal testimonies with the locals. They also participated in a radio program aired locally, conducted training on children ministry and youth ministry as well as workshop for local women and church leaders.

This STM team, led by Pastor William Hui, consisted of 4 brothers and sisters from Coquitlam Christ Church of China. The team visited Kpandai and Yeji in Ghana. They participated in children/youth ministry and shared with hundreds of school students. They visited a local clinic, shared with and encouraged the medical staff with their experience and conducted workshops for them. They were also involved in home visitations, evangelism and visitations to 2 village schools in Wbonwura and Yeji.