Field Events 2009

Rev. Philip Leung (Executive Director), Donald Wong (Field Coordinator) and Matthieu Ayena – a native of Togo from Toronto, went to Ghana together. They visited a few church planting sites located in the rural areas of Ghana and had a chance to meet with the local church leaders and planters. Rev. Leung and Matthieu also taught intensive courses in the Bible School in Kpandai. They had gathered and shared with the youths from the youth discipleship groups as well.

A STM team of 7 people from three different churches in Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco went to Ghana together during the first two weeks of May. In Kpandai, the team conducted a VBS for over 100 local children in the mornings and shared with the youths from the youth discipleship group in the evenings. A pastor from Vancouver taught a course on the Book of Matthew in the Bible School in Kpandai. The team had also visited and shared their testimonies in the local elementary schools. The team also went to visit the church planting site in Bimbilla, a rural town north of Kpandai. They stayed in that town for 3 days to greet and do visitations to the local people. They did similar visitations in another rural town while they were on their way travelling back to Accra.

Another STM team from Calgary also went to Kpandai in the second half of May. They visited a church planting site and stayed for 3 days before they made their way to Kpandai where they continued with visitations to local schools and sharing Christian messages through magic shows and drama among the students. They had developed good relationships with the local children and youths. The team had conducted a youth rally with about 50-60 youths showing up. There were good responses from the youths.

Two sisters from Westside Baptist Church and Chinese Grace Mennonite Church went to serve in Tamale. They helped in both the Kindergarten and the Computer School. In the Kindergarten, they taught classes to the children as well as the local teachers. They had also helped with some wall painting for the nursery room. In the Computer School, they taught Excel to the students. They were able to build up friendship and share their Christian faith with some of the students. Moreover, they got a chance to help primary students with reading and share topics on health and hygiene with the local people.

Rev. Kar Park Chan (Board Director), along with Cassandra Wong (Finance Assistant) and Donald Wong (Field Ministry Coordinator), went to Tamale, Kpandai and a few other villages in the northern part of Ghana. Rev. Chan preached to a group of local pastors and their spouses (over 100 people) for three days on “Christian Stewardship” in Tamale while the other team members visited schools and the medical clinic in Kpandai. Rev. Chan also taught on the Book of Romans in the Bible School in Kpandai. The team had visited a few church planting sites and the church planters in the small villages of Bimbilla, Salaga, Yeji and Atebubu.

Rev. Philip Leung (Executive Director) and a brother from Winnipeg made STM visits to Attebubu, Yeji and Kpandai. Rev. Leung taught a brief one-week course on missions in the morning in the Bible School in Kpandai while the other brother taught the Book of Nehemiah in the afternoon. The other brother also visited the Computer School and the Kindergarten in Tamale for a few days before returning to Canada in early December.