Field Events 2006

Rev. Philip Leung, along with Pastor Kenny Wong from South Calgary Chinese Evangelical Free Church, Flora Loong and Boon Thai Hoh (not in the picture) from Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church, visited a few cities in Ghana. During this scouting trip, they visited a few local churches and their pastors in the Liberia Refugee Camp in Accra and in the city of Kpandai. They had opportunities to see and learn more about the different needs in computer ministry, children ministry and theological training in different places in Ghana.

June – July
Rev. Philip Leung and Rev. Morgan Wong (CIM board chairman), along with a few brothers and sisters from different churches in Canada and US (Karen Leung, Christina Shum, Madge Wong, Ying Cheung, John Li), attended the dedication ceremony of the new Computer and Business College as well as the graduation ceremony of the 2005/2006 computer class in Tamale on July 1, 2006.

The pre-school training team, which consisted of a few experienced pre-school Christian teachers (Karen Leung, Christina Shum, Madge Wong, Ying Cheung, John Li), provided Early Childhood Education training to local pre-school teachers in Tamale. Rev. Morgan Wong taught two intensive bible courses in a local bible school in Kpandai for two weeks.

Jenny Ho from Richmond Chinese Evangelical Free Church went to teach Accounting and Office Management in the Computer and Business School in Tamale for two weeks.