Field Events 2010

Rev. Philip Leung (Executive Director) and Pastor Matthieu Ayena (Ministry Director – Togo) went to Togo, to explore partnership with a local church group : Eglise de la Grace en Christ (in English: The Grace in Christ Church). Future short-term missions opportunities for French speaking Christians are sought in this country. Rev. Leung and Pastor Matthieu had visited local churches and shared CIM (Canada)’s ministries with church leaders there. Pastor Matthieu extended his stay for 2 more weeks conducting training sessions to about 20 local church leaders. Good responses were received.

A STM team of 2 couples from the US and Hong Kong, led by Rev. Philip Leung (Executive Director), visited different rural towns in Ghana. They had travelled to Yeji, Salaga, Kpandai and Tamale to visit local families, share their testimonies, lead children’s worship, do youth outreach, visit clinic, Christian school and computer school, etc. They had also visited church planting sites and met with the local pastors and church leaders to show support and give encouragement to each others.

Rev. Philip Leung (Executive Director) continued to lead another STM team of 6 people from Australia to travel to a few towns in Ghana. In Kpandai, the team was informed the the sudden death of the Head Teacher (Thomas Chamba) of the Don Theobald Elementary School with over 700 students. The team had observed the whole funeral process in which they had witnessed how the local church members comforting/showing love and care to the deceased family. This was a unique and special experience to the STM team. The team had also travelled to Bimbilla and Atebubu to conduct village visitations and meet with local pastors in those church planting sites. They had witnessed good growth with the church planting works in these two rural towns in Ghana.

A brother from Vancouver went to Tamale to serve in the computer school for one and a half months. He taught in the school and helped designing and developing an accounting/financial system for the school’s use. He had morning devotion time with his staff at the school and an afternoon assembly with his students. During the assembly, he taught the students about Christian values and how the values can help them in their daily lives. He also got a chance to lead a few students of Moslem background to study the Bible. He had also done some village visitations and shared with the local villagers.

Another STM team consisting of 6 brothers and sisters from Australia, led by Pastor Matthieu Ayena (Ministry Director – Togo), travelled to Kpandai, Bimbilla, Salaga, Yeji and Atebubu. In Kpandai, they had done visitations, shared testimonies, visited local school and Christian clinic and attended youth fellowship meetings. They then travelled to Bimbilla where they met with the local church planter to do visitations and share the gospel with local villagers on the street. Their next stop was another Moslem city Salaga where they helped with the church planting CIM Canada is now supporting. The team had done visitations and shared their testimonies and the gospel with the local people. They then travelled to Yeji where they had outreached to the local youths through sharing and testimonies. Good responses were received after the meetings. Their last stop was Atebubu where they followed the local church planter to do house visitations and personal evangelism on the street. After all their evangelical activities and meetings in Atebubu, there were over 20 local people willing to commit themselves to the Lord!

A pastor and a brother from Vancouver went to Kumasi, Yeji, Kpandai and Salaga, Ghana (STM trip of 2 weeks). Visited local church planters, done village visitations and student outreach ministry