Our Ministries

Ghana (Africa)

We have been working in partnership with World Evangelization for Christ (WEC) Ghana since 2005 in establishing the school buildings as well as the curricula and ministries of the Computer and Business College and the Kindergarten in Tamale. We have sent funding and professional personnel by way of Short-Term Missions teams to provide training and support to the teachers and staff of both institutions.

Since 2007, we have started a new partnership with Evangelical Church of Ghana (ECG) to strengthen and empower their ministries, initially in Kpandai in the areas of theological training, students outreach and medical services.

Church Planting

Starting in 2009, we have added Church Planting into our ministry focus. We are working in partnership with ECG, planting seven churches in rural villages, mostly in central and northern Ghana.

By way of “fund matching”, we plan to provide three quarters of the total expenses of the project and to send STM teams to strengthen each of these local church planters as they outreach to their respective communities.

 Village School Ministry

We are supporting three village schools, Kindergarten to Primary 6, in the north eastern regions of Ghana: Mbonwura, Suburini and Yeji.  Partnering with the local pastors and teachers to develop and operate the schools, our desire is for the children to be equipped with knowledge and skills to be a competent and contributing member of their community and world.  Although we are a private school, the children receive an education according to the Ghana Education System curriculum and are taught by devoted Christian teachers to build them up to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Each school devotes a morning each week to gather the students and teachers to hear the Word of God and to sing praises.  In early 2014, a chaplain will also join the schools to provide counseling and programs to nurture the spiritual development of the children.

Our eighteen teachers are mostly young adults who have graduated from senior high school.  As such, we are granting scholarships to eligible candidates to further their studies in teachers training in order to better equip the schools and to bring back new ideas and strategies to share with their untrained colleagues.

Our short-term missions teams visit the schools to be with the children and share the Gospel through words and actions (and games!).  With team members who have an education background, they could run training workshops for the local teachers to share ideas and resources on how to engage the children in the classroom and on specific topics requested by the local teachers and village school co-ordinator.

For more details about the Village School Ministry, please visit www.villageschoolproject.weebly.com and find us on Facebook: Village School Project.

Ghana Short-Term Missions Teams

We continue to send Short-Term Missions teams to get involved in the various ministries CIM is partnering with ECG. We encourage lay Christians as well as pastors/church leaders to respond to the needs and opportunities in Ghana.

Togo (Africa)

Since 2003, the Lord has been using CIM to work with Eglise de la Grace en Christ (EGC) through various means: teaching, preaching and teaming up together to witness for Jesus to their community through various ministries such as home visitations and radio broadcasting.

Church Leadership Training

This training is not only given by pastors, but also by Christian lay people from everywhere: Canada, US, Hong Kong, Australia. Some local leaders are now partaking in this training to train new church planters and leaders. However, CIM continues to play a big role in this training. Especially in Togo, not only that we provide a more informative or knowledgeable teaching to the trainees, our participation in offering the courses gives more credibility to the training in the eyes of the community. Moreover, our goal is not only to train people so that the local churches may have enough church planters to reach out to their own people, but also that they might reach out to people of other countries in the region. Please contact us if the Lord speaks to you and you want to get involved in this cross-cultural missions to share resources with your brothers and sisters in Africa so that together we may expand the Kingdom of God.

Togo Short-Term Missions Teams

We continue to send Short-Term Missions teams to get involved in the various ministries CIM is working with EGC. We encourage lay Christians as well as pastors/church leaders to respond to the needs and opportunities in Togo.

Ukraine (Europe)

Starting in 2018, CIM has been working in partnership with House of Mercy Foundation to the Roma people group with sharing the gospel and spiritual care as a focus. The Romas are a traditionally nomadic ethnic group, living mostly in Europe and the Americas and originating from the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent.

The Romas are widely known among English-speaking people by the name “Gypsies” which some people consider pejorative due to its connotations of illegality and irregularity. In Ukraine, the estimated population of Roma people is about 400,000.

Roma Short-Term Missions Teams

CIM promotes and organizes Roma STM teams to Ukraine for:
– church planting (supporting and developing Roma churches and pastors)
– empowering (raising up and empowering local Ukrainian and Roma ministry workers and missionaries)
– discipleship (developing local leadership for the future)
– sharing the gospel

North America Promotion

Promotion of Cross-Cultural Missions

We have been invited to speak in more than 40 Chinese churches across North America in the last decade promoting cross cultural missions as well as lay involvement in missions. CIM (Canada) is the only Chinese Missions Agent, so far, which operates on these two foci.

We will continue to encourage and help committed Christians to plan and join Short-Term Missions teams which can work effectively with career missionaries and local churches in the field to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe the experience is greatly beneficial and life changing to people both at the sending and receiving ends in such an endeavour.