News Update – August 2019

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Dear CIM friends,

One of the pillars for CIM Canada is in sending “short-term missions” teams to Western Africa and to the Roma people group in eastern Europe to serve the Lord cross-culturally. Personally, I do not like the term “short-term missions” because it is an oxymoron. If we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Personal Saviour, then there is nothing “short-term” as we carry out the mission of God. We are all full-time missionaries declaring the truth of the gospel in every situation that we have been put in.

The terminology “short-term missions” has been coined over the last generation to mean, depending on the sending organization, any missions activity less than 2 years in length. “Over the last generation, a massive shift has occurred in the way Christians take the Word into the world. For hundreds of years, it has been left to ordained career missionaries to leave their homeland for distant shores, determined to take Christianity to the masses. During the past generation, a movement has gained momentum to aid long-term mission enterprises with short-term mission projects, using Christian workers whose skills, while not available year after year, can supplement the spiritual and natural gifts of career missionaries. These short-term missionaries have become an effective army for Christ.” (David C. Forward “The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip).

Jesus says in the Great Commission found in Matthew 28, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” At CIM Canada, our “short-term” trips are based on and follow the instructions of the Bible. We go and share the gospel of Jesus Christ while training and discipling natives in partnership with local organizations and churches. As a result, many have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and numerous churches and preaching sites have been established.

In my travels to promote the work of CIM Canada, I am asked many questions regarding the nature of our ministry. In the May 2018 CIM Canada’s News Update (, I answered some of those questions. In this month’s edition, I will answer some more and in future updates, I will continue answering. Our desire is to cast our vision of why we do what we do and how others can participate with us in spreading the gospel cross-culturally.

1. I can not join a STM team at this time. How else may I participate?

There are many ways in which a person can participate in the ministries of CIM Canada even if the person can not physically join a STM team at this time. If there is a desire to share the gospel, then you can be a part of our team. The most effective way to help is through prayer. Pray for the ministries of CIM in Ghana, Togo, and eastern Europe. Pray for transformed lives. Pray for the people we serve with overseas. Here are just two examples of people and situations that you can pray for.

Pastor Ruslan is a Roma pastor whom we have been serving with in Ukraine. He loves the Lord and is passionate about the ministry the Lord has entrusted to him. He lives and pastors in the Roma settlement of Perechin in western Ukraine. On Sundays, he preaches in his own church and then in the afternoon travels to another Roma settlement to share the Word. On top of that, he has been going to 5 other Roma settlements with the late Pastor Paul to train other Roma pastors. Unfortunately, Pastor Paul passed away from cancer in June, 2019, but the work must continue and Pastor Ruslan is committed to it. Pastor Ruslan has very little support financially, barely enough for gas money to travel to the different settlements. Some of his immediate family has had to travel to other countries looking for work, but despite all these obstacles, Pastor Ruslan is faithful to do the work of the Lord. During my visits to his church in Perechin, I can definitely see the fruits of his labor. Pray that the Lord will sustain him and will provide for him.

Pastor Jean Desire was a pastor in Atakpame, Togo. Not only did he help pastor a church there, but he ran a Christian radio program at the local station in which most of our STM teams have shared on. He loves the Lord immensely and has a desire to share the gospel to all those who would listen. He is also very hospitable. On my last trip to Togo earlier this year, his family invited us for a delicious meal before we left Atakpame. Pastor Jean Desire was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident a short time later. His wife and children are still in mourning. Pray for healing for his family and that the ministries that he was involved in will continue.

You may also be a prayer warrior for members of our STM teams. Each STM participant is required to have at least 10 prayer warriors to pray for them daily during a STM. As a prayer warrior, you will receive daily updates as to how to pray most effectively for the team. We have found that these prayers have been invaluable.

Another way to participate in our ministries without joining a STM team is in giving through finances. At CIM Canada, we partner with our donors to fulfil the Great Commission. To effectively run our ministries, we require a healthy general fund. It is with this fund that our everyday operations are maintained. Donors can also give specifically to our ministries in Ghana, Togo, and to the Roma people group. We require funds for local church planters, village school teachers, and ministry workers as we partner with local organizations. CIM has been helping with the salaries of some of the pastors and school teachers with the funds coming mainly from donors. We want to thank all of our donors in the past and encourage them to continue to partner with us in this manner. We are also always looking for new donors who share the same vision of cross-cultural ministries as we do.

2. Do we bring our own supplies including food on the STM?

It depends. In Ghana and Togo, because we travel to very remote villages, we bring in most of our food and supplies including toilet paper. Many teams buy a lot of the food from their home country but most things including food can be bought in the capital city upon arrival. Because of the weight, water and rice are bought in Africa. Teams usually eat meals together with the food that they have brought but it is encouraged to have meals with the locals eating local food when possible. We have found that when we eat out, we interact more with the people we are trying to minister to and build relationships that way. We also help the local economy when we eat out. Due to dietary restrictions and sometimes sanitary conditions, some team members will have to eat the food that we have brought in. If there is extra food and supplies, we usually give it to the local pastors before we leave.
In Ukraine, we do not have to bring in our own food as meals have been provided for us and we are also staying in a city where supplies can be purchased easily. Most of the supplies that we do bring in would be for ministry purposes.

There are many more questions that I can answer, but I will save that for future editions of this newsletter. But STMs do make a difference. If the Lord is leading you to such an experience with CIM Canada or you would like to give financially, please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our website at

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director


Prayer Requests:

1. Praise God for fruitful ministries of the STM team from Montreal traveled to Atakpame, Togo earlier this month.

2. Pray for the financial needs of CIM Canada. Pray for a healthy general fund and funds to maintain our ministries including village schools, Ghana, Togo and Roma ministries. We thank God for donors who have been supporting CIM Canada in the past. May God continue to raise more donors to bless our ministry. Pray that we can find more effective and efficient ways to promote CIM Canada. Pray for the Ride for Refuge fundraiser. We are currently looking for team captains and riders. The ride will be on October 5 this year.

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