News Update – May 2019

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From this issue of News Update:

Dear CIM friends,

In this month’s news update, read the reflections of Ann Lee on a recent STM trip to Ghana.  Ann has been on STM with CIM Canada before in Togo but this was her first time to Ghana. It always encourages me when I read the reflection papers of those who have gone on the cross-cultural mission trips with CIM.  It shows me that God is always at work, not only to those that we are ministering to, but also to those doing the ministering.

This being my first STM to Ghana, I wasn’t sure about what to expect. I needed to trust in the Lord’s guidance and to follow our leader Pastor Isaac for this experience.

Unlike previous STMs to Togo, where we had to give workshops, and spend time to pray with sisters in the local church, we had more to prepare. This time, our team worked on personal testimonies, gospel sharing, songs and dances. During the preparation, as we worked together as a team, I enjoyed the experience very much. Our team was made up of six people from different backgrounds, with varied points of view on things and sometimes we struggled to find common ground.

The beauty of it all though, was that we knew whatever final decisions we arrived at, it wasn’t based on our individual pride, but rather they were focused on what we were doing to put Jesus as the first priority in the mission.

Praise God for forming this team, and l am honoured to have been a part of it.


What I found similar with other mission trips I’ve been on is that there are always things to learn, and to unlearn.  What l received from this experience is the lesson in being more flexible and adaptable. When we travelled from the capital city of Accra to a village called Gjamere, then to another town known as Yeji, then back to Accra, my body had to adjust to new places fast enough and I had to find ways of getting quality sleep, so that I could be refreshed for the next day.  I recall one-time l felt so tired that I found it hard to focus when we arrived to a village in Gjamere. l was hoping that I could just sit resting under the shade. However, the Holy Spirit had other plans which prompted me to get up and volunteer to share the gospel which wasn’t something that I had in mind. I answered His calling because l knew this was not coming from me, instead it was the work of Holy Spirit in me, and l was proud that I would be used to be part of His work.

Jesus said in Luke 4:43-44, “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.”  Sharing the gospel became our main focus. There was one time, when we arrived at a village, we were given permission to speak. After sharing, people were so ready to confess their sins and gave their hearts to the Lord. That was a great encouragement for all of us. The Holy Spirit was truly working in everyone’s heart to come close to the Lord.

On this trip we also spent two days with school students.  I can still remember their smiling faces, and their warm welcoming arms.

Thanks to Pastor Isaac who showed us a skit that we performed during the mission to deliver the message on a couple of occasions. We just recently played the same skit in our own church and heard from our own brothers and sisters that the message was a compelling one which gave them great encouragement.  May all the glory go to God.” – Ann Lee

CIM Canada leads mission trips to west Africa and eastern Europe year-round.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to email us at or visit our webpage (  We are always looking for people or churches who partner with us through prayers and finances.  If you feel called to contribute in these areas, please contact us as well.


Prayer items:

  1. Pray for Pastor Jean Desire’s family. Pastor Jean passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident in March.  He is survived by his wife and three children.  Their family is still grieving and are having trouble sleeping.  Virginie (Pastor Desire’s wife) is also sick.
  2. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for the new ECG leadership in Ghana led by Rev. KK Maxwell Liwangol. He is also still organizing the funeral for his mother who passed away in late January.
  3. Praise God for a wonderful Roma STM trip in April. Pastor Isaac, Tomson and Lisa Chan, visited the Roma ministry in Ukraine where they led the Roma leaders in workshops and teaching as well as did visitations in the Roma settlements.  They also went on an exploratory trip to Serbia where they visited different Roma settlements.  It was an eye-opening experience as they learned a lot about the Roma culture.  Pray for the Lord’s guidance and direction for CIM in regards to the Roma ministry.
  4. Pray for the STM team from Burnaby Pacific Grace Chinese Church who will be traveling to Ukraine from June 11-22. Pray for the preparations for the team as this will be their first visit to the Roma people group.
  5. Pray for the financial needs of CIM Canada.   Pray for a healthy general fund and funds to maintain our ministries including village schools, Togo and Roma ministries.  We thank God for donors who have been supporting CIM Canada in the past.  May God continue to raise more donors to bless our ministry.  Pray that we can find more effective and efficient ways to promote CIM Canada.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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