News Update – March 2019

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From this issue of News Update:

Dear CIM friends,

CIM Canada is now into our second year of our Roma ministry in Eastern Europe.  In April of this month, we will send another exploratory team to Ukraine and Serbia.  In Ukraine, we will meet with our partner House of Mercy as well as our ministry workers Valeria Muzika and Andriana Reshko.  In Serbia, we will meet with Pastor Miki Kamberovic to explore ministry opportunities in that country.  We are very excited to be meeting up with Pastor Miki who is of Roma descent and has much experience ministering to the Roma people group.  Also, in June of this year, a team from Burnaby, Canada will be traveling to Ukraine for a short term mission helping to run a Roma youth camp.

In this month’s CIM’s news update, Valeria (Lera) Muzika shares about the ministry in the Ukraine:

“Greetings to you, beloved church of Jesus Christ! We want to share news for the last two months with you.

We hope this year started good for all of you! As for us, it was not an easy beginning because of challenges we faced in our ministry, but God is giving us strength to never let our hands down and to also support others. 

Life in the Roma settlements is not easy.  Some churches in the Roma settlements are far from what the church of Christ should be like, with a lot of struggles and spiritual problems, all while the Roma people are very proud-hearted.  We pray for God’s power to destroy all the chains that still hold Roma people from living the godly life. And pray for us to show Christ to people and not the other things (material benefits, national differences etc.).

These two months have been busy with different ministries. Regardless of all the difficulties and pain, God continues His work and always gives us strength!

Women ministry is a blessing for all women who attend and us as well! These months were special as we decided to do something different besides the Bible lessons we have every meeting. We had two cooking evenings: one for making desserts and one for making pizza. It was a great time of fellowship and it was so important for the women to have rest from their worries and struggles and just have a good time of joy. We also prayed together.

Young Roma leaders are very important for us, and we are very happy that we have good leaders in Uzhgorod and Perechin settlements who are willing to serve God and who continue to grow in Christ. Special blessing for us are Valera and Milli, a young married Roma couple who are serving in the Uzhgorod Roma camp. They do the kids ministry. We help them to prepare and they lead on their own and are very good at that! Kids ministry has also been very special because we had 2 birthday celebrations for kids who had birthdays during the Fall and Winter months. Kids are always very happy to receive congratulations and small presents. In many Roma families, parents don’t know when their kid’s birthdays are and therefore never celebrate. 

In the beginning of the year, we had a special time with the leaders from two settlements: Uzhgorod and Perechin. We gathered to share about our dreams and set plans for this year. We had two meetings and it was very nice time. Even though we lost some team members, we believe that God is preparing new leaders for His work.  After the meetings, we had a great fun time of sleigh rides together, since this winter was very nice and snowy!

We had different kinds of youth meetings during the last few months, which included watching movies, playing games, and discussing different important topics. We also thought it would be good to teach the young people to read and learn more from the Bible.  During the last few meetings this month, we gave different people tasks, including reading some Bible stories and sharing with all of us at the next meeting. It was good to teach them to read and understand more from the Bible and also learn to share with others.

Since we have one pastor for two settlements, we don’t always have the opportunity for the two settlements to meet together. One plan for this year was to have joint meetings for both settlements. We already had one in the Perechin settlement. People from Uzhgorod travelled to Perechin and we had a great time together where we talked about love. The kids and youth prepared a program with songs and a skit. Soon we will have a similar meeting in the Uzhgorod settlement. 

Lastly, we had a great opportunity to travel to Poland together with Pastor Ruslan and his wife last month. We got an invitation from Christians in Poland and it was a great time to meet many Christians and see the ministry they were doing there. We could share different stories about struggles and victories people are going through in the ministry. It wasn’t a long trip, but very encouraging.” (Valeria Muzika)

CIM Canada leads mission trips to west Africa and eastern Europe year-round.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to email us at or visit our webpage (  We are always looking for people or churches who partner with us through prayers and finances.  If you feel called to contribute in these areas, please contact us as well.


Prayer items:

  1. Pray for wisdom and vision for our Roma ministry workers and the leaders of the Roma churches in Uzhgorod and Perechin.
  2. Pray for the exploratory trip to Ukraine and Serbia in April. Pray for a clear vision from the Lord.
  3. Pray for the preparations for the June STM trip for the team from Burnaby.
  4. Pray for the financial needs of CIM Canada.   Pray for a healthy general fund and funds to maintain our ministries including village schools, Togo and Roma ministries.  We thank God for donors who have been supporting CIM Canada in the past.  May God continue to raise more donors to bless our ministry.  Pray that we can find more effective and efficient ways to promote CIM Canada.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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