News Update – February 2019

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From this issue of News Update:

Dear CIM friends,

In August 2018, a team from Edmonton Chinese Alliance Church traveled with me to Ghana for a mission trip.  Their main ministries were in the Nkwanta and Tinjase areas in the Volta region to work alongside Pastor Gideon and Pastor Simon.  Tinjase is located right at the Ghana/Togo border and the team even crossed the border to do evangelism in the village of Lao.

The team did visitations in the villages surrounding Nkwanta and Tinjase.  A number of the villages did not have ECG (Evangelical Church of Ghana) churches and one of the purposes of the visits was to see if an ECG church or preaching point could be started in those villages.  Praise God that in at least two of the villages, services were held the following Sunday.  The team also were present at two showings of “The Passion of the Christ” video in the villages where a number of people came to a saving knowledge of our Lord.

It was a first time STM experience to Africa for the entire team from Edmonton and it was wonderful to see each of them being drawn closer to the Lord and serve Him passionately. One of my joys as executive director for CIM Canada is to read the reflection papers from the team members upon their return to Canada.  It is always amazing to see what the team members have learned from the trip.  In this month’s edition of the CIM news update, read in part from the sharing of Sidney Gee.

Looking back at the missions trip to Ghana almost seems surreal. It was something that I could not even begin to know what to expect. I starting counting the number of ‘firsts’ this would be: First time leaving North America, first time travelling from home alone so long, first time being surrounded by a very different culture, first time sharing the gospel so openly, and first time taking so many steps of faith with God within a few months.

We were immersed into another world once we left Accra, the capital city, and surrounded by villages, and we had no clue what to expect from the culture when we arrived in Nkwanta. I am a person who enjoys camping and can usually tolerate a lot of things, so I never thought I would have trouble adjusting to a place that did not have the same comforts as North America. Our toilet was clogged for 4 days, bugs were everywhere in our room, and a concert blasted obnoxiously— with no exaggeration – directly below our room. I loved what we were doing, but I was tempted to be overly critical, even as much as to say things that were rude about a place that I simply did not understand.

Through visiting the villages with ECG, and our bedside debriefs, I was able to take a step back and consider the bigger picture. The lives of those in Nkwanta and the surrounding villages could not afford to live in the same place we did. We lived in one of the nicest places in the town. Even the elders and Pastor from the ECG did not live with the same amenities. I was humbled when we talked to the ECG members who asked us how the hotel was. One of the ECG members went on dramatically about how great the rooms were, and I could not help but feel guilty about how I kept complaining about the negative aspects.

Before the trip, I would discuss with our team that spiritual warfare would come in the subtlest forms. Satan does not want to see the mission come through, so he will distract and try to divert our attention from focusing on God. This is something I fell subject to when I chose to complain about where we were staying. In realizing this, God corrected me to see how the privilege I have can be a distraction to serving God in Ghana and my everyday life. The way we steward and appreciate what we’re given reflects what our priorities are, so I know now to be more conscious of what is more important, and that’s God. In Ghana, I was able to shift my focus from our pampered conditions towards serving because that’s what we came to do.

We were warmly welcomed by the Evangelical Church of Ghana. Not only did they show appreciation, but that they were open to us working with them to share the Gospel. I believe that the church there is equipped to do missions in Ghana themselves, but God still brought us together to share about Him. While going out to the villages such as Odumasse or Basari Akura, we were welcomed by the local villagers. Chairs were laid out for us and people dropped everything they were doing to simply converse with us. The culture demonstrates great hospitality and openness to learn. There were a lot of people that simply wanted to hear what we had to say.

My thought was that if even one person wanted to pursue God through our interactions then it would all be worth it. I learned this after meeting two individuals. The first was in Odumasse where we did a Jesus movie event. One young student said, “I saw you sharing the Gospel, how do I do that too?” After talking to him, learning his career aspirations and his understanding of the Gospel, I connected him with ECG members. The second was a young man from Lao, Togo. He listened to me talk about the ‘bridge to life illustration’, a drawing summarizing the effect of Jesus’ dying on the cross for us. This young man didn’t seem interested initially; however, he ended up following us, offering to translate the local language that our translators didn’t know. Here were two instances where people were compelled to carry on the message that they just heard to others. For the first time in my life, I saw that the excitement and hope from hearing the Gospel is contagious, and this is what carries on the message of Christ.

I am incredibly grateful for everything that has happened leading up to and including the Missions trip. Even with trials and sacrifices, it was all for leading people back to Christ. I can’t imagine any other way that would have motivated me to learn about our calling to missions, Heaven, and this new-found love for the people in Ghana. As I think back, this experience will always have a special place in my heart, so I want to continue to support the ministries in Nkwanta in the future.”

CIM Canada leads mission trips to west Africa and eastern Europe year-round.   If you would like more information please email us at or visit our webpage (  We are always looking for people or churches who partner with us through prayers and finances.  If you feel called to contribute in these areas, please contact us as well.


Prayer items:

  1. Continue to pray for the leadership transition at Evangelical Church of Ghana. The handover ceremony went smoothly on January 27th with Rev. KK Maxwell Liwangol, the new general overseer.
  2. Pray for the exploratory trip to Ukraine and Serbia in April. We are currently looking to expand our Roma ministry to other parts of Eastern Europe.
  3. Pray for the financial needs for CIM Canada. We continue to trust that the Lord will provide the necessary resources for the ministries that He wants us to participate in.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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