News Update – November 2018

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From this issue of News Update:

CIM Canada is a team and one of the key positions for our team is the role of the administrative assistant.  Not only does this person help with the administrative duties for our organization for which I am very grateful, but they also make sure that the everyday operations run smoothly.  For the past 13 years, Flora Loong has been instrumental in the works of CIM Canada.  It is very sad for us to see her leave but we are excited and support her 100 % as she commits her life to full time ministry.

We are also happy to announce that Jessica On has now taken over the role of administrative assistant. Jessica is familiar with the works of CIM and have traveled with me to Africa twice on STM.  She is very gifted administratively and has a heart for missions.  I look forward to serving alongside her.

Continue reading below for reflections from both Flora and Jessica.


“In the last 13 years, I went to Africa 3 times.  Although there were only brief encounters and fellowship with local brothers/sisters as well as non-believers in Ghana and Togo each time, God has shown me more about His heart to love and care and at the same time placed mission in my heart more and more over the past decade.  In my most recent trip to Ghana and Togo in July 2018, God has once again reminded me of His unconditional love and sacrifice for me during my personal reflection before Him.  All that I saw in Africa – the difficult living condition, the inadequate environment, the undeveloped villages, and yet the happy children, the genuine smiles, the simple lifestyle, the faithful pastors – shocked me in various ways.  I was led to deeply reflect my life and was amazed by how rich I am materially and more important – spiritually.

In this trip, the Holy Spirit struck me deeply in a new way with the fact that God loves every single one of us in this world and no one person is more important than another person in His sight – no matter where we are born, where we are raised and live, how educated we are, etc.  Jesus’ love and mercy motivate me to go further to live out His love for this world.

One big thing I learned over these years is that mission is not only about the works we do, but also the unconditional love which we have received from Jesus flowing out from our hearts naturally in response.  Leaving the administrative position I had served for such a long time is not easy at all, and in fact, it’s pretty hard and emotional.  However, I trust that God has prepared me so much with my service in CIM to continually serve Him in other ways in the future.  No matter what path it turns out to be, I know that Jesus is in full control of my life, and He already has the best planned out for me.  Please remember me as I continue to pray for future directions, to wait upon and follow His guidance, and to humble myself completely through the help of the Holy Spirit for His use. Thank you.” – Flora


“When I was first approached by Flora to consider taking on the administrative assistant role, my first thought was, “Flora, you’re leaving CIM?” It almost seemed like an unfathomable idea for such a big change in the staff makeup.  As the next few weeks went by, I spent time in prayer and discussions with my husband about the idea of joining the CIM team. The primary thought that came up consistently was remembering God’s amazing work that I got to witness when I had previously joined the short-term missions teams in Ghana and Togo. God had used me and my story to magnify who He is and to make Him known. As I remembered this, it helped to know that as I step into CIM, I can also be used here in this capacity to bless others, and hopefully to help others go out to live out the Great Commission and make Him known.

In my humanness, natural thoughts of inadequacy and fear of a new position immediately surfaces. I am so thankful for Flora who has taught me so much, but also for her friendship that we have from serving together on the missions field in Ghana. With new commitments come new strains on the balance of family time, ministry life, and work, but I know I can continue to trust God as I follow His lead in life.

Through this new role, I am most looking forward to helping others go out and witness God’s power through them as they preach the gospel and share Christ’s love to others. I have been challenged myself as I went on my first short-term missions trip with CIM, but I have also grown so much in learning to trust God more. I am also reminded of how He has created me to reflect His very heart. My desire is for others to come to know that they also are each uniquely made and carry a beautiful story of God Himself that is waiting to be shared with others.” – Jessica


Prayer items:

  1. Pray for Flora Loong as she seeks God’s guidance and direction in full time ministry. Pray for Jessica On as she takes over the role of administrative assistant at CIM Canada.
  2. Pray for Rev. KK Maxwell Liwangol as he assumes position of general overseer for the Evangelical Church of Ghana. Originally this was to have taken place in September, but because of health issues, the official hand over ceremony will now be on January 27th, 2019.
  3. Pray for the December STM team to Ghana which will be led by Rev. Xavier Law.
  4. Praise God that our Annual General Meeting went well as we discussed future direction of our ministries in Ghana, Togo, and to the Roma people group.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

Financial Highlights for the month of October 2018

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1. General Fund – for general and administrative such as staff salaries
2. Designated Fund – for specific ministries in different field locations as designated (cannot be transferred between funds)
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