News Update – June 2018

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From this issue of News Update:

In October 2017, a team of 4, from Hallelujah Evangelical Free Church, in Toronto, Canada, led by Lui Ho Siu (CIM Canada board of director) traveled to Ghana for a STM. They visited 3 village schools and some rural towns.

One of the team members, Peggy Chung, reminisces about the trip, sharing what the Lord taught her.

Prior to this Ghana STM trip, I prayed that God will let me see Him at work and personally experience God throughout this journey. However, what if I went and saw nothing at all? What if I went and did good deeds but returned unfulfilled and did not encounter God’s presence at all? There were many what if(s)…?

However, all those hesitant thoughts dissipated during the short two weeks that I was there. Praise God, I did not get sick for had I been sick I would have been so ineffective and hindered the team. Praise God for basic provisions like meals, accommodation and transportation from town to town, so the team and I did not need to exert extra energy to figure out all the above and can focus on the ministry at hand. Praise God for Daal, our driver, who not only drove us from town to town safely but looked out for what we can consume safely without getting sick. God took care of our team’s physical needs, and with that under wraps we recognized God’s blessings throughout the STM trip as He created us to live through the circumstances and the people we met in Ghana.

The trip was definitely an eye opener for all of us, and personally, it also opened the eyes of my heart. There is a contemporary Christian song written and sung originally by Paul Baloche called “Open the eyes of my Heart Lord” based on Ephesians 1:18 (NIV) “I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope which he has called you, the riches of the glorious inheritance in the saints.” The saints and the holy people there are all those dedicated Christian teachers and pastors who have been called and who have been enriched and enlightened by the confident hope and light in Jesus. I am thankful I have met pastors Fordjour, Emmanuel, Mark Tomah and Enoch. These names and people I have heard in past conversations became tangible. Their faith in serving for the sake of the Gospel overcoming many challenges is inspiring. I am forever indebted to their service in a land with little luxuries and yet daily they pursue the calling God has burdened them in their hearts.

I praise God for those brothers and sisters who have it in their hearts to pray boldly to God amidst oppositions but know in their hearts that God will provide and their rewards are in Heaven. May God forever bless them in their faithfulness and obedience for the sake of the Gospel.
– Colossians 1:3–5

God definitely “opened the eyes of my heart” to “see Him high and lifted up”, “Pour out His power and love” as we sing “holy, holy, holy” in a land that appears destitute at first, but rich in faith, love and hope in Jesus Christ as portrayed in the people that we met.

It is always encouraging to read how the Lord has led STM members and what they have learned. Currently, in 2018, we have four STM trips planned: to the Roma people group in Ukraine this month, to Ghana/Togo in July, and to Ghana in both August and October. If you are interested in joining a STM or want to know more about our ministries, please visit our website at or email us at

Ride for Refuge:
CIM Canada will be participating in the Ride for Refuge fundraiser this year on September 29, 2018. Ride for Refuge is a family-friendly cycling and walking fundraiser that support organizations like our own. The money raised will be used to further our ministries. We are currently looking for team captains, riders, and donors. For more information about Ride for Refuge, you may visit their website If you want to participate for CIM Canada, you may visit We would love for you to join us in this fundraiser.

Praise and Prayer items:
1. Praise God that a second anesthesia machine has been donated to the ECG hospital in Kpandai, Ghana. When the MP for the Kpandai area heard that CIM Canada had donated an anesthesia machine with a generator to the hospital, he was moved to donate a second one.

2. Pray for STM teams that will be traveling this year:

June: team to the Roma people group in Ukraine
July: team to Ghana/Togo
August: team to Ghana
October: team to Ghana

3. Pray for the financial needs of CIM Canada. Pray for more donors, as some of our ministry funds including the ECG village school projects and Togo funds are very low. Pray also for a healthy general fund.

4. Pray for the transition of leadership at Evangelical Church of Ghana (who CIM partners with). Rev. Daniel Gbande’s term as general overseer is up and will be stepping down in September to be replaced by Rev. KK Maxwell. Pray that the transition goes smoothly and that the relationship with CIM Canada remains strong.

Let’s continue to serve the Lord together.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

Financial Highlights for the month of May 2018

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1. General Fund – for general and administrative such as staff salaries
2. Designated Fund – for specific ministries in different field locations as designated (cannot be transferred between funds)
– All financial figures are in Canadian dollar and rounded to the nearest dollar.

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