News Update – April 2018

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As I have stated on numerous occasions in the past, some of the joys and blessings I receive is in getting to know the members of the STM teams that I travel with both on the field and also back home. I love seeing what they have learned and how they have grown in their walk with the Lord. Upon return, each STM member is required to write a brief sharing on their trip about what they have learned and how God has been speaking to them. In our News Updates, we include portions of these write ups. I have always enjoyed reading them and from the responses that I have received, many of our readers have been inspired by the writings of the STM members.

In August of 2017, a team of 9, comprised mainly of members from Bethel Chinese Christian MB Church in Vancouver, Canada, went on a STM to Ghana and Togo. Here are some of their sharing:

Donald Chan:

The STM trip to Ghana and Togo was an eye opener to me. I have learned a number of first-hand experience and first time knowledge.

… In Yeji, Ghana, I was asked to preach and share my testimony to the congregation of the local ECG church. I did not expect I need to do that, yet I was thankful I had prepared in advance before we left Vancouver. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I preached on Psalm 139 to encourage the congregation about how powerful and almighty our Father in Heaven is. He always watches over us, knows what we are thinking and has plans for each of His children.

The visitation to churches and families in different villages in Togo even gave me a bigger lesson of how blessed we are living in Canada. It allowed me to see the commitment and dedication of the humble servants serving faithfully with very little resources, yet joyfully in a poor country. That alone makes my trip to Ghana and Togo worthwhile. The experience gave me new perspective in looking at values and priorities.

May God continue to speak to me and show me His way.

Emily Wong:

Going into the trip, I was looking forward to seeing the different culture that was there and how God was working in it and God definitely opened my eyes to that. It was my first time leaving North America and travelling separately from my family. Seeing the villages and how sacrificially caring they were to one another and to us really touched my heart the most. When we did evangelism and went door to door, everyone wanted to hear what we had to share. There was one family who stopped cooking to listen and while we were speaking, it started to rain; their food was getting wet yet they did not stop listening. Another man even gave up part of his land so that a church could be built in the village. The way they served others and their obedience to God helped me see what it meant to be in community. Community isn’t just the physical gathering of people or about being nice to each other, but I realized that it is more about serving one another, putting each other first before ourselves.

… We were only there for such a short time so we really don’t get to see the fruit but trusting that God will work and a lot of the times, we see that He has already started working and it is such a blessing. I learned that there will be times where I don’t know what to say or that I really don’t want to share, but it was those times when God was truly able to work and speak through me as I knew evidently afterwards that it was nothing that I personally did or said. He is the one who transforms hearts, not us, and we must trust in His perfect timing.

So, I guess the next big question is what happens from here? After seeing all these things on the trip and coming back to quite a different culture and society, I was quite distraught actually. Coming back, I was so discouraged by the state of our society and it was so hard to “see” God. Our society seems like such a slave to productivity compared to those in Ghana and Togo. But as some brothers and sisters have mentioned to me, that’s why we have the church, we are to be His witnesses in our society to serve God and serve each other. God was definitely working in Ghana and Togo before we even got there, and He will continually be working in all His ways.

Theresa Chiu:

This is my first time going to Ghana; prior to going on this trip I knew that It was not going to be anything like home. I knew that this is way beyond my comfort zone, so prior to going I had many doubts and I was very nervous …

… Throughout the trip, I felt God presence, I knew that He was with me. Everywhere we went, I felt safe; I cannot say that I was not anxious or nervous at all, but I can say that I knew God was with me. I am scared to do public speaking; public speaking is one of my BIGGEST fears, and a skill I lack A LOT in. But God was with me; my team really helped me in times when we needed to evangelize; I was able to do some and when I blanked out, my team would come in and help me. For me I only shared my testimony once for the whole trip, and that was the very last day, the very last service we went to. I was not expecting to share AT ALL, nor were we expecting to have to share for a Sunday School but God works in mysterious ways! I was so scared … and so nervous … I heard people talking before about how once they get up there and share, it’s the Holy Spirit that works in them; it was interesting to me because I guess I was never so afraid, and helpless that I had to COMPLETELY rely on the Spirit to lead me (or I never gave it a chance and never paid attention to see that it was the Holy Spirit leading me). When I got up on the platform, I was calm and I was not afraid. When I look back, I have no idea how I came up with the things I said; it was not like my testimony that I had prepared and written out, but it happened. And I knew that it wasn’t me, but it was the Holy Spirit who helped me through all of it. It was nice to see it, and of course experience it myself. I hear people talking about it a lot, but it is very different to experience it for yourself.

It was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed my time with this team. It is amazing to see how God works through each of the team members. If anyone is interested to know more about our ministries or join a STM team, please contact us at

Thank you also for your prayer and financial support. We continually ask for your prayers and your giving in finances as we spread the Lord’s love cross culturally. It is through partnership with people like yourself that we can do our ministry at CIM Canada.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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