News Update – March 2018

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In last month’s News Update, I gave an introduction to the Roma ministry which CIM Canada will be starting in 2018. In this month’s News Update, I present to you Part 2 of CIM Canada’s Roma Ministry.

In October 2017, the vision and needs of the Roma were presented to the CIM Canada Board of Directors. We praise God that they approved the Roma Ministry as part of the CIM Cross Cultural ministries.

Roma Ministry goals:

• Partner with House of Mercy Foundation in Ukraine to minister to the Roma people focusing in evangelical, gospel and spiritual care while House of Mercy/KPK are focusing in humanitarian ministries
• Promote and organize short-term Roma ministry mission teams to Ukraine
• Bring God’s love and Good News to the Roma people
• Church Planting: Support and develop local Roma churches and pastors
• Disciple local Christians to become Jesus Christ’s disciples
• Support local Ukrainian and Roma ministry workers and missionaries
• Develop local leadership for the future ministry and the Great Commission

Roma Settlements in the area near Uzhhorod, Ukraine:

House of Mercy is currently serving the following Roma villages.
(Estimate basis: each family unit ranges from 2 to 10 people.)

*Uzhhorod (Pirogova) – 45 family units
*Perechin – 50 family units
• Uzhhorod (Telmana) – 180 family units
• Uzhhorod (Radvanka) – 300 family units
• Rooski Lomarovci – 90 family units
• Holmok – 120 family units (mainly Hungarian speaking)
• Koncovo – 120 family units (mainly Hungarian speaking)
• Serednye – 100 family units
• Myrcha – 25 family units
• Hoodlevo – 20 family units
• Esen – 40 family units
• Rativci – 50 family units

The estimated number of family units is about 1,140. Some of the Roma villages’ conditions have improved due to many years of humanitarian aid and support through House of Mercy and their Norway supporters (KPK-Ukriana), but the recently adopted ones are still in fairly poor condition.

CIM Canada’s target starting areas will be in Uzhhorod – *Pirogova and *Perechin Roma settlements.

Proposed Ministry Plan for Roma Ministry in Ukraine:

• CIM support missionaries

o Establish agreement with House of Mercy for CIM evangelical and spiritual ministries in Ukraine.
o Promote and fundraise support for local Christian workers/missionaries in Ukraine for the Roma people evangelical and spiritual ministries.

• Roma settlement visitation

o Provide support and encouragement to local Roma church pastors
o Attend open air or local church gatherings at the settlements
o Share testimonies, Bible stories, preaching, singing and short gospel programs, etc.

• Roma Children/Youth Ministry

o Organize outreach programs for Roma children and youth. i.e. Bible camp
o Short programs with singing, crafts, gospel or Bible story message, and games

• Roma Discipleship and Leadership development

o Disciple and provide leadership development to Roma youth leaders
o Train them to be church leaders for ministries
o Develop and support Roma church pastors and ministry workers

• House of Mercy Staff support and development consideration

o Staff retreat and devotional meeting
o Ministry Reflection and Vision casting
o Goal setting and Teambuilding workshops

• Roma Family Ministry

o Family ministry including marriage, family relationship and parenting
o Reach out to Roma women who are often “left behind” in the settlement with low social status among their people

• Local church leadership

o Visit and encourage local church leadership, pastors and missionaries
o Support local pastors, Christian workers and church planting
o Develop and strengthen local youth and future leadership

• School, Education and Career Support

o Support the Roma settlement’s children, youth and adults education and career plan

Ukraine Roma Evangelical and Spiritual Ministry Short term plan
– 1st Year (2018 Plan):

• Pray for the Kick-off of the Ukraine Roma ministry
• Promote via newsletters and websites
• Focus in promoting the ministry in all connecting churches
• Start fundraising and support two local missionaries/Christian workers for Roma Ministry
• Establish and sign CIM-House of Mercy partnership agreement/contract
• Target to send one to two STM teams to Ukraine
• Tentative date for the first team is around June 7-20, 2018. If you are interested in the Ukraine Roma Ministry, please contact CIM office ( for further information.

Budget Consideration:

1. Budget to raise support for local missionary/Christian worker:

a. About $4,000 CAD per year for each local missionary.
b. For a budget of two missionaries, it will be around $8,000 CAD per year.
c. Other considerations: Car allowance and other expenses.

2. Budget estimate of a 2 week STM

STM Budget per person is between $2,500 to $3,000 CAD per person pending of team size and ministry focus.

CIM Canada invites you to join us in prayers for this new Ministry. If you are interested to support the Roma Ministry or join a Roma STM trip in the future, please contact CIM office ( We are currently recruiting for the June STM team to Ukraine.

Tomson Chan
CIM (Canada) Board Director

Financial Highlights for the month of February 2018

(please click on the table to enlarge)

1. General Fund – for general and administrative such as staff salaries
2. Designated Fund – for specific ministries in different field locations as designated (cannot be transferred between funds)
– All financial figures are in Canadian dollar and rounded to the nearest dollar.

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