News Update – September 2017

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This past July a team of 8, including myself and BOD Pastor Doug Wong, from Lord’s Love Church in Vancouver BC, traveled to Ghana for a STM trip. The main purpose was to evangelize in the Zabrama area in Central Ghana with the local ECG pastor whom the Lord’s Love Church supports. The team was able to visit a number of villages in the area where they shared the gospel and visited villagers. The team also traveled to Kpandai where they shared their stories on the radio station ASASE FM. For 5 members of the team, it was their first trip to Africa.

Here are the reflections of three of the first timers:

Nathanael Tung:

My trip to Ghana has been an amazing and life-changing experience. It was a privilege to be part of God’s plan for the people there. God has shown me how He is faithful to those who follow His calling. I am not one to be very outspoken and it is quite nerve wracking for me to speak in front of people, especially those who I do not know, so I was quite nervous when we went out into the villages to talk to people and share the Gospel. The very first house we got to, I was asked if I would be able to share. I felt like I was not quite ready and did not know what to say, but I knew this was what God was calling for me to do, so I stepped forward. As I was sharing, I was still quite nervous, but the words were coming to me. Although I didn’t think what I was saying was that profound, I saw the man I was speaking to start to cry. I could sense that the Spirit was present and continued to share with him. I asked him if he would like to accept Jesus into his life, and he agreed to it. Praise the Lord! Throughout the entire trip and talking to more and more people, it was so evident that God’s hand was on the work that we were doing. Even though the fear of public speaking was still with me, I was able to push through because I knew that God was with me and would use me.

Amy Chui:

My calling to Ghana began two years ago in 2015, shortly after graduating from high school. Lord’s Love Church had sent out two short-term missions teams; one to Macau and one to Ghana. I was on the Macau team, but after coming home and being able to hear the Ghana team’s experiences, my curiosity was peaked. The way their eyes shone and their voices full of emotion as they described the people and how God was moving in this country was very moving. It moved me …

… Right when I landed in Accra, the capital of Ghana, God broke my heart for the people of Ghana. Daal, our driver and fellow brother in Christ had picked us up and was driving us to the guesthouse. We had stopped at a busy intersection, hawkers weaving between cars and trying to sell us goods. Seated at the back of the van, I noticed a boy about 10 years old. Our eyes locked as he approached the window of my seat. In one swift motion, he opened the unlocked sliding window of the van between us. It did not occur to me what was happening until he extended his palm through the tiny window and in heavily-accented English, begged, “I’m hungry, give me money.” … That encounter would be the first of the many moments in Ghana where I felt completely helpless. Throughout my entire trip, God broke my heart again and again. Everywhere I turned, I could see so much need before my eyes …

… And that’s when God spoke.

I have brought my testimony to the people of Ghana. And through my testimony, the gospel. This is the very same gospel that was powerful enough to have changed millions of lives including my own. And that is MORE life-giving that any food, water or medical supply that I could ever bring them. We just need to have trust that God will grow the seeds that we have sown …

… Ghana will always have a very special place in my heart. This trip has shown me what it is like to live missionally and has inspired me to be intentionally missional no matter where I am. My prayer is that God will continue to break my heart and open my eyes to what He wants me to see, wherever I go.

Joanne Yen:

This was my first missions trip and I went in 100% sure I was meant to go, but with zero idea of what to expect. However, one thing I have been learning to be true time and time again, is that what God has prepared will be more than you know to ask for or even imagine. It is difficult to summarize such an exceptional experience but if I were to narrow it down to a theme, God really used this trip to alter my perspective … on everything.

It is not uncommon to hear the encouragement in Christian communities “God will give you the words” when it comes to public speaking or having difficult conversations. However, up until this trip, I never really experienced that before … But multiple times throughout the trip, God literally gave me the words to speak, when I humbly stepped before him and plainly asked God what He wanted me to see and what He wanted me to say.

Another way that God broadened my view, was the tremendous camaraderie and oneness of living a communal life. I grew up in a quiet, single-parent home, with a decided sense of independence. When I came to know God and became a part of a church congregation, the friendliness and warmth really drew me in. But being on a missions team, is like community on steroids. You are together literally 24/7 and we shared so much (water, insect repellent, sweat, tears, testimonies, prayers …) that our kindergarten teachers would have been proud. In the past, the bible verses about how the churches pooled their possessions and shared amongst one another, cared for one another, it seemed almost mythical. That kind of brotherhood could have only existed in another time and place. It was invigorating, to be a part of a family that was constantly vulnerable to one another, taking care of one another, and praying for one another.

I enjoyed working with each member of the team. I saw each one of them be stretched out of their comfort zone and how they grew spiritually. I witnessed how God worked through each one of them. I always love reading the reports from our STM members. It encourages me and shows what the Lord has been teaching them. These trips not only bring God’s story of salvation through Jesus Christ, but it also transforms the lives of the people that go. It is so exciting to be a part of these teams.

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