News Update – August 2017

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Well, it is that time of the year again. Even though CIM sends STM teams throughout the year to Africa, the busiest time is usually between May-August as people take their holidays and students are on summer break. This year is no exception as 3 teams have travelled or will be travelling to Ghana and Togo during this time frame.

This is also an exciting time for me as I get to spend time with these STMers, watching their apprehension and excitement especially for the first timers as they embark on their journey, and then seeing their faith grow and mature as the trip progresses.

This past May, a team of 6 from Burnaby Pacific Grace MB Church in Burnaby, British Columbia, including myself travelled to Ghana. Other than visiting some pastors in the Tamale area, our main focus was to visit and bring encouragement to the pastor that their church supports in the remote villages north of Gushegu, in northeast Ghana. By God’s grace, we were able to visit 15 of the 17 preaching points of this pastor. The team brought greetings, shared their testimonies, and prayed over the villagers. For two team members, it was their first time in Ghana and it was definitely an eye-opening experience. For the others, who had visited 4 years previous, it was wonderful to meet up with their supported pastor again.

Here are some of the reflections of two of the team members:

Gary Luk:

As a Christian, we are one of the pieces of the puzzle in God’s plans in order to glorify HIM. This is my second time to go on a short-term mission to Ghana. My first was back to 2013. I learned many life experiences and spiritual growth through different people in this trip:

Daal is not only a driver but also our beloved brother in Christ. He protected us for the long road trip at least 12 hours for one day. He was able to select the proper water bottle boxes and food for us to drink and eat. Our team would not be able to reach the remote villages without Daal …

Pastor Siu and Mrs. Siu are the great servants in Christ. It is hard to believe in that they have been serving in Ghana for 31 years. Their ministry is to improve the life quality through education. I was impressed by their school that the Siu’s put their great effort to establish and build schools with the limited resources.

Pastor Thomas is a faithful pastor. I met him four years ago in Gushegu. He relocated to a new church in Guno one year ago … We visited Pastor Thomas’ home where he lives with 8 family members. No matter the situation Pastor Thomas is faithful to the Lord.

Pastor Caleb is an aggressive, faithful, intelligent and powerful pastor. His arrangement was so effective to our team that we were able to visit 15 preaching points over three and half days. The purpose to visit each of these villages was to introduce CIM, share our testimonies and encourage the village people to accept Christ, go to church, and pray for their needs … Pastor Caleb has trained 11 disciples as a team to expand the ministry. There is great potential in developing this ministry to more remote villages especially for the village people who are willing to open up their hearts to listen to the gospel.

The end of the short-term mission trip is the beginning of sharing of Jesus’s grace. Are we willing to step up out of our comfort zone to serve and experience in God or serve our neighborhood to tell of God’s salvation?

Jocyline Ho:

I love STM and I believe the values and benefits for both STM members and the people on the mission field. Lots of people hesitate to visit Africa because of the high risk of disease, shortage of water & power, mosquito, safety … etc. Through praying earnestly, God encouraged me to go and I am grateful to the Lord for guiding me to Ghana. No regret for this trip! It was an eye opener to see the African ministry and how it significantly impacted my spiritual growth & my passion in global mission …

During the trip, we visited several public markets. It is an interesting way to meet the local people … Through shopping in a store named “God’s Time is the Best Art Shop”, we met Abdullah and had a chance to share the good news. Through eating in a Chinese restaurant, we were able to build a relationship with the owner and share the gospel. These experiences encourage me to share my faith to those I meet.

Pastor Caleb truly inspired me. On our trip, we visited 15 out of 17 preaching points that were set up by him. It was a great joy to have numerous opportunities to share my testimony and build relationships with pastors and church leaders.

Chinese Christian usually perform in a conservative manner in public speaking. Normally when I pray, I put my hands together and pray in a formal manner. However, when I was there and was asked to pray for the congregation, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to open my arms and truly feel the presence of God.

Through this trip I have learned to break through my comfort zone. The sight of huts & goats, sharing testimonies under the tree, preaching inside the hot churches, songs of praise & prayers, children’s laughter, the sharing of the gospel courageously … are memorable. The unity of team members is treasurable and a beautiful experience.

I always love reading the reports from our STM members. It encourages me and shows what the Lord has been teaching them. These trips not only bring God’s story of salvation through Jesus Christ, but it also transforms the lives of the people that go. It is so exciting to be a part of these teams.

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Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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