News Update – April 2017

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From this issue of News Update:

In this month’s News Update, we will continue to share Team Australia’s STM trip to Ghana in January.  In last month’s issue, we read from two members, Daniel Leung and Serena Cheung.  In Part 2, we will hear from two more team members.  We just did not have space last month to share from other participants so we shall continue it here. For each of the 5 members who travelled from Australia, it was their first Ghana STM experience.  It was wonderful bonding and growing with them during the two weeks of the trip.

As I have stated before, one of my joys in leading these STM trips, is seeing the personal development and growth of each team member.  It’s wonderful to work with the locals and seeing people commit their lives to the Lord for the first time, but being able to spend time with my team members and witnessing them experience God in a brand-new way gives me encouragement as well.

Team Australia was composed of members from three different churches in the Greater Sydney area.   The team travelled to Kpandai, Tamale, Yapei, Gono, Yeji, and Kintampo. Other than visiting new church plants in Yapei and Gono, the team also visited Yeji, where an Australian church is supporting the local church planter. The team shared their testimonies, presented the gospel message, and prayed over villagers. It was a wonderful experience for all who went, not only to do cross cultural ministries, but also to see our Lord at work.

Sunny Chan:

I have always had a passion for travelling since I was a child, because I treasured every moment that I could possibly learn about the different cultures and social aspects of every respective countries. And when I became aware of the rare opportunity to participate in missionary work in West Africa a few years ago with CIM, I felt the Holy Spirit has called me to be a part of this life-changing experience.

… There were specific experiences which impacted me significantly on both personal and spiritual levels throughout the mission trip in Ghana. As much as I felt very welcome by the friendliness and openness of the Ghanaian people we met, my heart was filled with gratitude by their generosity of providing their limited resources and exceptional hospitality for the team during our visits at their homes and villages. Despite the lack of food and natural resources available for their families and relatives, they were selfless in sharing what they barely had in order to prepare local food for us to try. On one occasion at a very remote village, we were given many yams and a chicken as gifts for our first visit to their village. The locals have taught me a massive lesson on letting go of our own possession and willing to give generously, with the encouraging words of the Lord Jesus in Acts 20:35 where He said: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

… Reflecting upon my first missions trip to a country which is dramatically different from Australia, I cherish global mission ministries even more because I recognized the importance and the desperate need and urgency of sharing the Gospel to many non-believers whom have yet to know or heard of the one and only true God – Jesus Christ … This mission experience also redefines my values by transforming my Christian faith from being a disciplined Christian to a mission-minded Christian, who needs to keep on serving in different mission fields.

Angus Chan:

Before the STM, I composed a song called ‘God is Love’ and it became the theme song of our team. All the team members loved the song very much and we included some actions for the song too. We practised singing the song a lot and we made sure we can sing it by heart. We also practised how to share the gospel in our own way and we made sure we can speak it smoothly. Furthermore, we also practised our own testimonies too.

In fact, all of these things that we did were already a testament to me because I never thought that I could compose a song for the team and share the gospel and my testimony so fluently in English. I can only say it was because the Holy Spirit was guiding me and strengthening me at the same time.

… During the trip, we visited many different villages, schools and churches where we met a number of pastors and they brought us to their Sunday Service. It was quite a different experience from what we do in Sydney. The service lasted more than 3 hours and had more than one offering. They sang and danced a lot.

One day, the local pastor brought us to visit the villagers. He divided us into two groups. Emily and I were going to share the gospel with a young man who had promised the pastor to go to Sunday Service but never showed up. It sparked me that he might have something that he thought was more important than going to Sunday Service so I started speaking to him about the gospel.

I noticed that he was quite interested in what I was saying. When I talked to him about Jesus Christ ascending to heaven, He promised to send the Holy Spirit to live inside us and to guide our daily life which I emphasised on. I tried to let the young man know that if he received Jesus Christ as his Lord Saviour, then the Holy Spirit would live inside him.  I asked him if he was willing to accept the Holy Spirit living inside him and guiding him. He said yes so I led him to pray and follow me to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord Saviour.

The most important thing was God made this man open his heart and listened to what I said. May all the glories and praises return to our Heavenly Father. Amen.

You, too, can be a part of our STM teams and experience God on a global scale.  If you want more information about CIM and also how to give financially to support our ministries, please check out our website at   Please continue to pray for the different teams that are preparing to go to Africa this summer as well as the exploratory team that will be travelling to Hungary and Ukraine to visit the Roma people group.

May God bless you wherever you may be reading this newsletter and may He use you to spread His love to those around you.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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