News Update – March 2017

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One of the great joys of my job is to bring STM members on a cross cultural experience.  I love it when I see God working in the lives of the team members; seeing them grow in their relationship with the Lord; having them experience God in a whole new context and then sharing their adventure with others.

In January of this year, I brought a team from Sydney, Australia to Ghana.  I, first, met the team in October, 2016 for an orientation session.  I could tell that they were excited about going, but had many questions, and not knowing exactly what to expect.

During the trip, we bonded as a team, and I witnessed how each team member contributed as they worked alongside each other and shared their faith with the locals in the villages of northern Ghana.  Team Australia is now back home and sharing about their trip in their home churches and small groups.  In this month’s News Update, I have included the sharing of a few of these team members to encourage our readers to consider forming or joining one of our STM teams to share the Word of God.

Serena Cheung:

During the trip, a church planter shared his persecution from the local people when he first moved to a new Muslim area. When we visited, which was 9 months after it happened, I witnessed his neighbours welcome and greet him when he walked on the streets. He also brought our team to share gospel and testimonies with different age groups. His passion and his mind set for gospel really inspired me and that is maybe the reason why he has planted a lot of churches before. God gave him a mission mind so he could stay firm even when faced with persecutions.

God revealed abundantly to me through this mission awareness trip. He gave new prospect in global gospel partnership, personal skills development, and direction to service in the future. He also renewed my aim in life for His Great Commission. He also shaped my mind and focus that no matter what happens in the future, He will provide for His worker. I am willing to give my whole life to exalt our Lord and embrace others in the name of Jesus Christ through the partnership of the gospel. Let brothers and sisters from different nations rejoice and worship our nations God together.

Daniel Leung:

This was my first time going on a Ghana mission trip. I have been praying for this trip for more than 5 years. I learned of this cross cultural mission ministry 8 years ago from my brother Rev Philip Leung who started sharing this ministry among the Australian Chinese churches in 2008. This mission trip was absolutely amazing and uplifting to be surrounded with joy and being in God’s presence.  How wonderful it is to be His witness in Ghana as if you were walking in time of Acts time two thousand years ago.

It was honourable to see their local pastors serving God in the remote Muslim villages and towns. They were humble, eager to serve, had a burning passion for gospel and a fire pushing them to reach out to the community. One of the pastors we met had already built seven village churches in the past few years. Nine months ago, he started serving a new Muslim area with three preaching points around his place… “How can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? … How wonderful are the feet of those who bring good news.” (Roman 10:14 – 15)

The Bible teaches us to look and care for the widows, orphans and those in need. There are so many needs in Ghana especially the poverty in the northern Muslim areas. I believe that poverty can only be solved by education as a foundation for the future. A Christian school in a Muslim village should be able to achieve this, but it needs support from a healthy church and fellow Christians. I hope that we can be encouraged to support the Evangelical Church of Ghana (ECG) in the village school and church planting ministries in Ghana.

I see it every single time I lead a team on cross cultural missions.  Not only are the lives of the locals changed, but many of the team members that go are transformed.  They return home, with a whole new perspective of who God is and how He works.  They realize He is a big, big God, who not only works in the western world, but is a global God who cares for everyone.

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Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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