News Update – November 2016

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I have often been and continued to be asked, “Does CIM Canada support or send full time missionaries?” I guess the reason I get asked this is because it appears on the surface that CIM Canada puts a heavy emphasis on STM (short term missions) as we send a number of teams each year to do cross cultural ministry to West Africa in the countries of Ghana and Togo.

While I understand why I get asked this question, I, sometimes, hesitate in how I should answer. Though we do not have any long term missionaries currently stationed overseas, the answer is ‘yes’, we do support full time missionaries. In every aspect of the word, every Christ follower is a full time missionary. We are called to do that the instant we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. Our mandate is to follow Christ’s call, sharing the Good News to those that don’t know Him and leading others to a saving relationship with our Lord. I, actually, do not like the phrase, “short term missions” as there is nothing short about it. Our calling to lead others to Christ is a life time calling. We are supposed to do it whether we want to or not. And if we are truly born again believers, we should desire to share about Jesus. It is a high calling and privilege.

And missions is not only sharing Christ in some remote African village, it is in sharing wherever He has placed us. Before CIM leads a team or individual overseas, we need a recommendation from their pastor. The reason for this is because we want to know the person’s spiritual condition. Is the individual willing to share and serve in their home church? Are they already active in witnessing to the Lord? Missions is a 24/7 mandate and it starts at home with the people that God has already placed in our lives; whether they are family, friends, co-workers, fellow students or even church goers. We must be willing and obedient to start here as well as to any destination that the Lord has called us to.

We must also be willing to continue to share and serve the Lord after we come back from a missions trip. Our task is not complete when we board the plane to come home. It continues after we arrive back in our home country. We can not say that we are doing missions for two weeks and then stop. If we do that, we do not understand missions at all. I am filled with joy when I hear stories about how people who have travelled overseas with me continue to share after they arrive back home. Some are now pastors, training to be pastors, have joined the missions board of their respective churches, and most have a desire to travel to tell others about Christ.

So, yes, CIM Canada does believe and support full time missionaries. We also do this in partnership with the organizations that we work with overseas. We believe that the locals can do a much better job in understanding the culture and following up so we help train local church planters and teachers, pay part of their salary, and our teams travel to these villages to encourage these local “missionaries”, and to evangelize in the way they see fit for their particular cultural setting. On each trip I take, I talk to the local church planters, and every single one of them are grateful for our visits to not only to share the gospel message to the villagers, but also to encourage, uplift, and fellowship, with them, the people on the front line. It also gives them more credibility as the villagers see us, the foreigners, working closely with the church planter or teacher. These are people that CIM invests in both financially and spiritually and even though they may not be officially employed by CIM but by their respective organizations in their home countries, to us they are full time missionaries we support.

Also if people feel led by the Lord to go for a longer period of time than the trips we are currently doing, we can definitely arrange that in partnership with the local organizations. In fact, I know, they would welcome it. We have had people who have stayed for longer periods of time and all have had memorable experiences.

Does CIM Canada support or send full time missionaries? Most definitely. Not only do we support them abroad but more importantly, we encourage and support them, wherever God has placed them in their own local setting.

Has God called you to missions? If you are reading this, and have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, the answer is yes. It may not be to Ghana or Togo, but you are a full time missionary. So be courageous and go out and share about Jesus.

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God bless.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director

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