News Update – June 2016

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From this issue of News Update:

The core of missions is to share the gospel story and lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but that is only the first step. Not only are we responsible to introduce them to Christ, but we need to walk with them on their faith journey, and disciple them as well. The Great Commission states in part to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

During my time with CIM, I have definitely seen this take place. During my first STM trip to Ghana in 2007, our team led a discipleship group with some teenage boys in the village of Kpandai. On each successive trip back to Kpandai, I have seen a number of them grow in the walk with the Lord. One of them is now a teacher in a CIM assisted village school. Another one has become a leader and Sunday School teacher in the church in Kpandai. Earlier this year, this young man contacted me and asked if he could join one of our STM teams. I was filled with great joy because we have been sharing the gospel message, and building relationships, with locals for many years and though many have to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord, not one has joined a CIM STM team. Cross cultural missions is not just leading a local to the Lord, but ultimately working with that person to share the gospel. In May of this year, that became reality as this young man joined one of our teams. Though he could not stay for the entire trip, due to school commitments, he played an integral part, and was one of us.

In his own words, he describes how he came to know CIM and how it was like to be on our most recent STM team:

“In 2007, while I was taking fresh air outside our house at night, I noticed there were a lot of flashlights on our school compound. I traced the lights and found out that there were people in one of the classrooms discussing God. I joined them without knowing any of them except some of my class mates who were part of the group. I was touched by the presence of our brethren from Canada. I thought of why they had to leave their comfort zones and travel very far to share the word of God. Though I was born in a Christian family, I really did not understand the salvation message much but after meeting the CIM team God spoke to me in a different way. My growth in the knowledge of God kept increasing day by day. In 2007 I was made the Sunday school teacher of my church; in 2008 I was given a village church to look after. Some of the kids I taught in the Sunday school now teach the Sunday school when I am away at school.

Praise the living God for His mercies endures forever. Mission trips always remind me about my responsibility as a Christian to share the love of God to people who are yet to be saved. Joining the short term mission (STM) team from CIM in May 2016 was a dream come true because it was a very wonderful period I longed for.

CIM has been a blessing to Kpandai and Ghana as a whole. I pray that the good Lord will bless everyone who supports CIM and its activities. As for me, I will always be happy to join any CIM team if there is an opportunity.”

God uses people of all nationalities for His kingdom. We are all part of the same team. At CIM, this is something that is very important to us. We will continue to share the gospel to those who do not know Jesus Christ and any born again believer, regardless of race or status in life, may apply to be on one of our STM teams because God loves all people and uses all people for His glory.

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Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director