News Update – May 2016

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From this issue of News Update:

As I write this News Update, teams are preparing for their STM adventures in Africa this summer. In fact, as you read this, I have just returned from a STM trip in the rural villages of Ghana sharing the Word of God and uplifting the local pastors and church planters. As usual, I am excited to be in an environment where I can share the life changing truths of Jesus Christ to people who may not have heard of Him or if they have think of Him only as a man who walked upon the face of this earth. I am also excited to be travelling with teammates, some who have been to Africa before and some who will be setting their foot on the continent for the very first time. Over the next few months, CIM Canada will be sending at least 2 teams to northern Ghana. They range in age from their 20’s to the retired.

I have seen STM change lives, not only of the people who we witness to, but even more so, in the teammates who have travelled with me. Most come back passionately wanting to serve the Lord more boldly and courageously and many will return to the mission field in one form of another. We are all called to be on missions. Missions is the plans of committed believers to accomplish the mission of God. Mission is the theological anchor of missions. Missions is the practical implementation of the mission of God. Missions without mission is empty. In other words, we go on missions to do the mission of God which is to deliver people from sin and bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ which leads us to the Great Commission.

Therefore we need to do our part. Some of us will be called overseas. Others will be missionaries in their schools, families, workplace, and even in their own church. Some, like the teams I have been leading over the last number of years and the ones I will be taking this summer go to a different culture and for a period of time serves in that community. Over the years, I have found that these STM’ers are a vital part of God’s army as they partner with career missionaries. In this past generation, there has been an ever increasing number of STM’ers. David Forward in his book, ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE SHORT TERM MISSION TRIP, writes, “For hundreds of years, it has been left to ordained career missionaries to leave their homeland for distant shores, determined to take Christianity to the masses. Praise God for the faithfulness and the effectiveness for these men and women for Christ… During the past generation, a movement has gained momentum to aid long-term mission enterprises with short-term mission projects, using Christian workers whose skills, while not available year after year, can supplement the spiritual and natural gifts of career missionaries. These short-term missionaries have become an effective army for Christ.”

At CIM, we give you the opportunity to be a part of this army. Our teams go with the purpose of evangelizing. We are Biblically centred, based on the Great Commission, which I have shared about in previous News Updates, and we partner with the local churches. We do not go in, do our work, and just leave. We work closely with the church planters and we continually send teams to the same villages to build relationships and trust not only with the church planters but also the villagers themselves.

The philosophy of CIM’s STM ministry is NOT to replace the career missionaries but to work alongside and encourage them. STM’ers are ministry workers we recruit and send to the mission field. Being physically there, we help to generate and strengthen partnerships to make missions a corporate expression of the missions effort of the church.

For me personally, it has been a very enriching journey, as I have seen God work in a cross cultural context and also witnessed the spiritual growth of my teammates. Our God is an awesome God. He reigns supreme in all parts of the world and it is a privilege to be a part of His team.

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer, finances, and Lord willing to join one of our STM teams. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director