News Update – January 2016

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From this issue of News Update:

Happy New Year.


2016 will be a transitional year for CIM Canada as Rev. Philip Leung has retired from his role as Executive Director after many years of faithful service. Through his obedience and service to the Lord, CIM Canada has been able to spread the gospel cross-culturally in Africa for more than a decade. Though we will miss him on staff, we wish him the best as he enters the next phase of his ministry in retirement. His expertise and experience will continue to be a valuable asset to CIM.


I also want to introduce Rev. Xavier Law who was elected to be the new chairman for the board of directors at our annual general meeting last November. Rev. Law is the senior pastor at Pacific Grace MB Church in Vancouver, Canada and has a passion for missions. He is very familiar with CIM leading numerous STM teams to Ghana. The Lord has prepared him for this position and I look forward to working with him.

As we embark on a new year, I would like to reflect back on 2015 and share how God has blessed us and used us over the last 12 months at CIM Canada. Each year is a little different, but God is always faithful, and as a result, lives are turned over to Him, and people continue to serve Him.

The 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak continued to discourage STM teams to travel to the region. Even though there were no confirmed cases in either Ghana or Togo, the countries that CIM Canada is currently serving in, and the cases in Guinea, Sierre Leone, and Liberia, have been largely contained, the number of teams that went in 2015 was still considerably lower than in 2013, before the outbreak. We trust that in 2016, we will have more teams travel to the region to share the gospel message.

In 2015, CIM sent 4 STM teams to Ghana, composed of 24 STM’ers from around the world. The teams that went were:

January: CIM staff and Board of Directors (6 members)
May: Pacific Grace MB Church (Vancouver) (4 members)
July: Team Canada (8 members from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto)
November: Assorted Team (6 members from Vancouver, Toronto and Hong Kong)

The January trip by CIM leadership was to visit our church plants and village school sites to assess their needs and progress. The CIM board members on this trip also visited our church plant sites in Togo. The May trip, led by Rev. Xavier Law of Pacific Grace MB Church was mainly to help and visit missionaries in northern Ghana. Two of the members were able to spend a night living in the village with locals. The main purpose of the July team was to visit our church plant in the Zabrama area. In 2013, a STM team, helped plant a church with ECG in this area and this was the first opportunity for us to visit again. We found that this region is still very ripe for the gospel even visiting an unreached village where the chief made a decision to follow the Lord and opened the door for a future church plant with ECG. The November team visited ministries in Kpandai, Bimbilla, and Tamale areas.

The STM teams of 2015 not only had a positive influence in the areas they ministered in, but many have grown in their walk with the Lord as they see how great and powerful God is. For a number of the STM’ers, going to Ghana was the first time they left the comfort zone of their own church, and saw God work on a global scale. A large number of the STM’ers shared their interest to go back to Ghana or other mission fields. For others it was a confirmation of their calling into the ministry or to the mission field.

Pastor Matthieu Ayena, our ministry director for Togo, also led a team from Montreal Chinese Alliance Church in November to Togo for training of local church leaders.

As a new year begins, we know that God will continue to bless our ministries in 2016. I encourage all of us to serve the Lord wholeheartedly in whatever circumstance that we are in and if you feel called to go to Africa or want to know more about CIM’s mission in Africa, please do not hesitate to email me at

Thank you for your continued support.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Executive Director