News Update – September 2015

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From this issue of News Update:

In the summer of 2013, CIM sent a STM team to central Ghana to explore the possibility of planting churches in partnership with ECG (Evangelical Church of Ghana) in the remote villages of central Ghana. This is an area that was fairly new to both CIM and ECG and we really did not know what to expect. What we found was that this region was very open and receptive to the gospel. In fact, ECG planted a church in one of the villages almost immediately. Other nearby villages were also excited about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many came to know the Lord.

In July of this year, a team of 8 (3 from the original team) made it back to this area. We found that the region is still very receptive to the gospel. The church that was planted is still making a positive impact and in another village, many committed their lives to the Lord, including the chief. As a result, foundations for an ECG church plant were established.

For myself it was exciting not only returning to the area but because I was able to bring 3 members of the Lord’s Love Church from Vancouver to meet the church planter they are now supporting and see firsthand God’s work in this area. It was wonderful to see how the Lord used them on the trip and witness the growth in their faith.

Caitlin Wong shares:

For one of the youth nights, I was asked to share a testimony. I’m usually super shy and do not like talking in front of crowds, so automatically I said no, I even physically felt sick. However after some prayer and tugging at the heart from God I decided to share my testimony which I have never done before. For the entire week we stayed in Kintampo this was the one and only night that there was no electricity. God knew how nervous I was, so I know it was him helping me step up and share my story comfortably. I told my testimony in complete darkness and felt healing as I spoke about how God has been working in my life out loud.

If you feel a calling or tug at your heart, just go. Ghana is a breath of fresh air; the experience is so hard to condense and put down onto paper; it is something you need to do for yourself to understand the full depth. The people there are absolutely amazing and it is very uplifting to be surrounded by joy. It definitely stretches you out of your comfort zone, but it really challenges you to rely on God more and draws you closer to him.

Anthony Ma shares:

I was able to share the gospel through my testimony multiple times: At a Sunday church service, young adults fellowship, people’s huts in the villages, under a tree, in the home of a village chief, and even at a soccer tournament. Each time I was nervous but as I began speaking, I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. I was calm, collected, and could feel that God was with me (just like Pastor Isaac said). At the chief’s house during my testimony, a man fell down on his knees to receive prayer during my sharing; it was a special moment and led to the chief himself and his priests (idol worship) asking to receive Christ. I could sense hearts were moved as I saw the village chief in tears. It’s important to note that I shared my testimony many times without such a dramatic response. This reminds me that it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the Holy Spirit working within me and with the people listening.

It is encouraging to see how the Lord is working in Ghana and how the work that He starts with one team continues with another team. I have been on many STMs with CIM and I have seen this happen over and over again. Sometimes we question ‘is the work that we do on a STM effective? We go on a trip and after three weeks, it is over.’ However, what I have learned is that the Lord uses each STM team in co-operation with other STM teams. In the big picture, all the teams work together for the same goal (winning people to the Lord) and that was very evident on this trip seeing the work that the 2013 team started, continues with the 2015 team, and anticipating great things for future teams as we partner with ECG.

Rev. Isaac Quan
Associate Executive Director